Broken Key Extraction

A broken key snapped off in a lock, requiring extraction.

If you have snapped a key in a lock, it's best to resist trying to remove the broken key yourself and call a professional in to remove it without causing further damage.

We carry non destructive tools designed specifically for this purpose, if the key can be removed cleanly, there is a greater chance that we can use it to make a working copy without the need to rekey or replace the lock.

Our prices to attend and remove a snapped key from a lock at your home or business start at $150 including the service call - then $10 per key copy if you require any more copies of the key.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Using incorrect tools and attempting to try extraction methods found on online DIY howto videos often results in either pushing the key deeper into the lock or making key recovery impossible without destroying the lock. More time, effort and expense is then required as the entire lock will need to be replaced.

Most of the time, we can use our many years of experience to remove the broken key without any damage to the lock, allowing you to keep using the lock for many more years.

We do not generally repair broken keys as the time and effort required is just not viable when in most cases, we can create a perfect working duplicate key from the extracted broken key piece for a fraction of the cost.