Restricted Key Systems

Restricted keying provides a much greater level of security with keys that are protected by a legal patent or a distributor agreement and can only be issued by an authorised and licensed locksmith.

This can increase the security of your home or business and provides greater key control as no keys are issued or copied without authorisation from you or your nominated signatories.

Restricted keys are generally constructed from high quality nickel silver providing greater strength and durability than standard brass keys.

Pinkerton Security WA record all information regarding your restricted key system so you can be sure how many key copies have been issued.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a restricted keying system?
Restricted keying systems offer many benefits over standard locking systems, such as greater key control, increased pick resistance, higher quality locks & keys.

Can I have one key that unlocks every door but another key for the cleaner that just unlocks the toilets and kitchen door?
This is called "master keying" and although not exclusive to restricted keying systems, they are often used in harmony allowing not only greater key control, but a hierarchy of keys to be used only for a group of locks and a "master key" that operates every lock.

Can my residential property be master keyed?
Yes, although due to the smaller components required for master keying, higher quality, commercial grade locks are generally required to be installed as these have much tighter tolerances and are more reliable.

I have lost a restricted key to my apartment that I'm renting but I am not an authorised signatory, can you cut me a new key?
No keys are to be issued to anyone that is not an authorised signatory. You will have to contact your strata management or real estate agent to order a new key or more than likely have your locks rekeyed.