Lock Repair & Maintenance

We can repair and service all kinds of locks for doors, windows, gates, security screens and more.

We may be able to replace worn or damaged parts to extend a locks life instead of replacing the entire lock if it is not necessary.

Pinkerton Security WA only recommend and supply quality products made by reputable brands such as Carbine, Lockwood, Whitco, Austral, Brava and Gainsborough.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My lock is becoming difficult to operate, should I just spray it with WD-40 and carry on using it?
While lubricating the lock may provide you with a short term solution, it can also make matters worse - if you are having any issues with your locks, no matter how big or small, it's recommended to get it looked at right away by a licensed and experienced locksmith so it can be repaired or replaced before the lock fails and you find yourself in an emergency situation.