It's not always necessary to completely replace your locks if you only need to change the key so the old key no longer works - rekeying your locks is often a much more cost effective solution.

Our prices to attend and rekey the first lock on your home or business start at $110 including the service call, then $40 for each additional lock rekey - two keys are included per rekey group and the price for each additional copy start at $7 each.

If we supply a new lock, and you would like it keyed alike to another lock - we offer a discount of 50% off the rekey cost.

There are many situations where you might want or need to rekey or change your locks, here are some of the most common reasons to rekey your locks.

Lost keys

You may have misplaced your keys and want your locks to be rekeyed to a new key for peace of mind, knowing that if the lost key is found, it will no longer unlock your doors.

Stolen keys

In the worst case, your keys have been stolen and you need your locks rekeyed as soon as possible, before someone is able to easily get into your property.

Keying alike

You may be fed up of the huge bunch of keys you have to lug around with a key to the garage, another key for the front door, another key for the laundry... You just want the convenience of having one key that opens all locks.

New property

When moving into a home or business, old or new, you can't be sure who still has keys.

Why take the risk? Rekey your locks to a new key today for peace of mind.

WAS keying

You may want to secure your meter box or gate leading to your meter box but still allow access to Western Australian Service technicians and emergency services such as Alinta Energy, Synergy, Water Corporation and Western Power.

Restricted keying

Restricted keying systems provide a much greater level of security with keys that are protected by a legal patent or a distributor agreement and can only be issued by an authorised locksmith.

No keys will be issued or copied without authorisation from you or your nominated signatories.

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